Kylie Jenner – Q.O.I

With 5,400 posts, over 108 million followers and demanding $1 million per paid post, it can be safely said that Kylie Jenner is the undisputed Queen of Instagram in 2018.  One picture of half her face or even just her hand can rake in more money than the average worker will take 20 years to earn. Just think about that, she is so famous, earning so much, that with a day’s work she can earn enough to buy your favourite car, house and put your kids through school with change left over. She is one of the most marketable human beings on Earth partnering with brands as big as Puma and Topshop as well as her own brand of nail polish and Kanye West’s music and fashion line. All the while, to the outside observer, it doesn’t seem like she has done much to earn this position.

While she may not have worked her way up from the bottom of the bottom like others in the Instagram game, she has made the most of what she was given, good looks.  From beauty to fashion wear she has done it all but how can we copy her and get to where she is?

  1. Convert to Hinduism – They believe in reincarnation. This is your only chance. So, from now on, as Instagram idiots will tell you, live your best life.
  2. Have famous parents – You’re back in the game, time to choose wisely. Any Olympic athlete should do for either parent but just make sure someone related to someone you know has worked on one of the biggest cases in US history, shouldn’t be too hard.
  3. Be beautiful – You may not have much control over this, but as everyone’s favourite German sportswear brand will tell you, impossible is nothing.
  4. Get a reality show – The final but most important step, be prepared to live your life with cameras in your house. You don’t need to say anything especially intelligent or insightful but remember to keep step 3 in mind.

There it is, the secret behind Kylie Jenner’s undoubted success and climb to the top of the Instagram rankings. In four easy steps, you can do the same and get that house, car and education for your kids that you always wanted.