Social media mistakes

It’s the Age of Technology. Everyone is entrenched in it, to not follow Commandment 1 handed down by the God of social media, “Thou shalt not use any other medias before me”, is sacrilege. Building your business and not using linked Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts? You have no chance. Pack up your things and go home junior, you’re playing with the big boys now. No pictures, no filters, no hashtags are recipes for disaster or so marketing bloggers will tell you. But how about misuse or under use of your profile? How can this negatively impact your brand’s image?

  1. Empty pages

It’s early days of your business and under pressure from social media all around, you quickly set up numerous social media accounts in the not too ridiculous hope of advertising your products and the new offers accompanying them, all the while garnering a few clicks. Business kicks off and things get busy, the social media pages are left on the back burner. When we hear of new companies, we search them online. Empty Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pages can indicate numerous things but to most, your new venture has failed and closed its doors for the last time. Business is done.

  1. Poor content

Pixelated images, bad lighting or poorly edited photos can contribute to a terrible picture while awful grammar, syntax or hashtags can be the cherry on top of an overdone cake. Consumers want quality products and if that quality isn’t reflected in what can be their first interaction with a brand or product, then the chances are they won’t be spending their money on it.

Some even add personal content. What was for breakfast doesn’t relate to business or brand so there’s no need to include it on an Instagram story. Consumers can lose interest quickly and these repeated mistakes will be a sure way to lose followers, and in turn, customers.

It’s the Age of Technology. Everyone is entrenched in it and having read Commandment 1, you peer closer to the word media at the end. There’s a footnote citation. You scroll to the bottom of the tablet and in small print, you can see the words, “Just make sure you do it properly.”