Social Media perfection

When we post something on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, we are looking to be noticed. Some, like Kanye West, for the sake of being noticed, others, like Kylie Jenner, to make money, while then there are philanthropists, like Leonardo Di Caprio, who are out to change the world. They are all doing the same thing, in essence posting to get their cause noticed, to get clicks, to get likes, to get shares. These will help them get where they are going and get what they want. But what aspects of the post are the most important? What will make John think twice, and share when Leo speaks about polar bears with no more ice to make their home? What will make Jane like Kylie’s post about this life changing shade of purple nail polish?

  1. The photo – The single most important part of the post. This will be the difference between hundreds of thousands of likes, rather than just your mates liking and sharing as a favour. It needs to be edgy, cool, funny, sad and cute, all at the same time. If you’re Leo, a picture of a Penguin laughing having pushed over a mate while ice melts all around them would be ideal.
  2. The text – Something witty connected to, but not necessarily describing the photo needs to be here. A millennial phrase that makes no sense will be sure to do the trick, something like “doing all of the things”, “on fire” or “vibes”. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it that either, an emoji has to be added, one that relates to the caption is good but one with a hidden meaning is even better. This will build intrigue and enhance the chances of “going viral”.
  3. The hashtags – The final ingredient of the social media recipe, your hashtags will tie the post together. They need to a mix funny and informative, not too long. Phrases are welcome, but sentences are a no go. Kanye wouldn’t write any hashtags and doesn’t need too. Not many are at this level, and it takes years of practice to get there.

Every post is different though and without one ingredient you may get lucky and go viral but it’s rare. Keep to the list above and you may be able to start “living your best life” purely through sponsored posts.